Jan 192016

Hot, delicious, filling, traditional – there could be umpteen adjectives to describe steamboat. However, it is impossible to internalize the grandeur and the obvious charm of steamboat unless you visit some of the traditional restaurants in the island nation of Singapore. Culinary considerations have always constituted one of the primary reasons for growing tourism in Singapore and steamboat significantly adds to the said charm.

Before getting to discuss the topic in any more detail, it is important to understand as to what a serving of steamboat means. Steamboat, more popularly known as hot pot, is nothing but an East Asian variant of stew. Interestingly enough, the stew is prepared at the dining table itself. The primary ingredients include meat, fishes, leafy vegetables, eggs and seafood. With innumerable varieties being served across many restaurants, Singapore offers one of the most authentic experiences in terms of consuming steamboat. It is impossible to imagine the city without its outstanding cuisine and no wonder that there is no way to visualize Singaporean cuisine without the mention of Singapore steamboat .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to note that the steamboat scenario in Singapore is becoming more intense with each passing day. The past few years have seen the emergence of more and more steamboat shops. It is rather ironical to note that this is happening despite the heat and humidity generally experienced across the city. Notwithstanding, there are times when the hot and humid city of Singapore also turns cold and gloomy due to incessant rains. However, when it does become like that, there is nothing better than savouring a good serving of hotpot with friends and family.

From the local Singapore style to styles from all across East Asia, many renowned brands dealing in steamboat have set shop over the past six months or so. There are innumerable restaurants in and around the city that serve steamboat, with servings that include Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese variants. However, the Chinese variant continues to remain the most popular owing to historical and traditional reasons and there is a plethora of joints catering to the cuisine.

Tourists and local people alike indulge in consuming steamboat. The prices range from cheap to expensive catering to people from all across the social spectrum. From themed villages to plush eating joints, you can taste steamboat everywhere. To sum it up, it can possibly be said that eating steamboat constitutes sort of a culture in the island nation.