Jan 132016

Staycation is a great way to spend your vacation away from home without really being away from home. Singapore is a great destination to spend your staycation due to the wide variety of options available o a person. Even though Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in Asia to visit, cheap staycation in Singapore is absolutely possible.

1. St.John’s island

The st.john’s island and the Lazarus islands are great fun destinations in Singapore to spend time at during a staycation. It is an ideal destination for people trying to get away from the monotonous grind of daily life. It offers something different and ambient from city life with its relaxed ambience good for respite. The Lazarus islands have a white sand beach with the water being turquoise is one of the best kept secrets of Singapore. Also the holiday bungalow in the island is a great and cheap place to stay in with all the expenses covered comes around 0 dollars a day for a person, which is a great price for an island getaway.

2. Home team NS adventure centre

If you are looking for an adventure get away as your staycation, then you have come to the right place. This place rocks with obstacle courses, rock climbing and flying fox with great tennis courts as well as basketball courts. There is also a golf simulation game which is absolutely amazing and will catch the eye of any sports and adventure enthusiast. The best part of this is that it’s very cheap compared to the kind of facilities provided, with a luxury villa which can accommodate 6 people come at a price of 175 dollars per day. The villa is equipped with a a barbeque pit and all the modern techs like Wi-Fi, TV and well equipped kitchen.

3. Tree house villas

The word tree house itself explains how cool this place is, it is inspired from Balinese resorts at a walking distance from the change beach. The wide variety of recreational activities on offer makes it a worthwhile destination for your staycation. There are boat rides along with sunset walks along the changi beach which a great romantic experience. They also provide you with an outdoor bath which is sheltered to enjoy your bath and the balcony is set inside greenery which is accompanied by birds chirping which is a relaxing experience on the whole.

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